TBH filter and extraction systems

Suction solutions for industrial and medical applications

For more than 25 years, TBH GmbH Straubenhardt (Black Forest) has been implementing energy-efficient and maintenance-efficient extraction solutions for a wide variety of industrial and medical applications. Our certified filter and extraction systems made in Germany meet the highest standards of quality, reliability and flexibility - from cost-effective small appliances to high-performance central extraction solutions.



Overview of our product series

Our wide range of products allows us to find the right system for your process. You can search for your application, industry sectors, or categories by clicking on the button below.

Application area

All concerns of air pollution control

Different processes require different equipment to extract the generated harmful particles properly.  We developed our systems for many different applications. 


From the Black Forest to the world

We have more than 25 years of expertise in filter and extraction systems. We build machines that protect you, your environment and your machinery. We ensure clean air during your manufacturing processes.

Product finder

The right system for every process

Our filtration and extraction systems are as diverse as the people, processes and applications behind them. To find the right system for your specific needs, simply use our product finder or contact our TBH service team directly. At TBH you will find the optimum extraction solution for people, the environment and the machinery - we create clean air!

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Systems of the CR-series are ideally suitable for clean room cabins (ISO 14644) and clean rooms (VDA 19 or ISO 16232), because of its contamination-free filter change up to ISO class 5 (DIN EN ISO 15646-1).

 For highly sensitive manufacturing processes           Contamination-free use           Safety

Application areas

Our systems: almost as diverse as a laser

In industrial manufacturing processes, particles are produced which, depending on the application, have to be extracted and filtered differently from the air. Only then, you can continue to pursue your processes without any health risks. Your new, suitable filter and extraction system from TBH is already waiting for you.

Industry-specific solutions

We create clean air for your process

TBH provides energy and maintenance-efficient overall concepts for every application, from cost-effective small appliances to high-performance central extraction solutions. That is why TBH extraction and filtration systems are used in the most diverse areas of industries.


Pure air

We know how much harm a single particle can cause, so we build special systems with additional filters for even more safety.


Clean & reliable

Absolute air purity is the main priority for our systems that are especially designed for physicians' requirements.


Saving artifacts

Cleaning pictures and sculptures requires highest precision. We support you in preserving these for future generations.    

TBH - The company

Quality and reliability from the Black Forest to the whole world

TBH GmbH is an independent, owner-managed company located in Straubenhardt / Baden-Württemberg / Germany. These days we are, due to the quality and reliability of our products, one of the leading suppliers of filter and extraction technology for industrial and medical applications.

In more than 80 countries, you can find TBH products for making workplaces pollution-free.

Our products and processes are certified according to worldwide regulations and quality standards.

Cosmopolitan, ambitious and reliable: we support you in protecting people, environment and machinery.

News and Events

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We keep you up-to-date with the latest news of our company, products, and all important facts on filter and extraction technology. You can also meet us at the trade fairs mentioned below. Come by and visit us at our booth. We look forward to many constructive discussions.


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GL 265ZA
Safe and especially quiet

Extraction and filtration of contaminants in the laser machining

BF 9 & BF 10
Clean air from the Black Forest

Compact and easy to handle

Productrange DT 100 - DT 150
Protection from the invisible danger

Extraction cabinet for laboratory and workshop